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Statement regarding an article on Retraction Watch

London | Heidelberg, 14th January, 2017

We are providing the following statement regarding an article on Retraction Watch concerning an Article Processing Charge.

We do not comment on individual cases.  

We’ve taken care to ensure that the Article Processing Charge is clearly marked on the form that an author submits after acceptance of the article. This is to make sure that the authors are clear on what they are committing to.  

Our general policy is that after issuing our original invoice, we wait a designated period of time for the invoice to be paid. If the invoice is not paid, we send out reminders. At a certain point of non-payment, we indicate that the case will be handed over to a collecting agency. This note as well as the involvement of collecting agencies is common business practice. 

We are now in touch with Professor Ecalle to discuss his concerns.


Renate Bayaz | Communications Director | Springer Nature |