Dorothy Mazlum

Dorothy Mazlum

Senior Editor
Mathematics, Birkhäuser

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Birkhäuser: Pure & Applied Mathematics

Operator Theory

Functional Analysis

Probability Theory

Game Theory

Geometrical Analysis

Dynamical Systems

About Me

I acquire titles and manage submissions for the Birkhäuser book program, ranging from textbook series to high-end monographs, from conference proceedings to contributed volumes in all areas of mathematics, including textbook series in German language.

Book Series

Advanced Courses in Mathematics-CRM Barcelona

Grundstudium Mathematik

Monographs in Mathematics

Monografie Matemayczne

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications

Linear Systems and Linear Operators

Advances in Partial Differential Equations

Compact Textbooks in Mathematics

Mathematik Kompakt

Oberwolfach Seminars

Probability and Its Applications

Progress in Probability

Pseudo-Differential Operators

Research Perspectives

Research Perspectives-CRM Barcelona