Masayuki Nakamura

Masayuki Nakamura


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monographs and textbooks in all areas of pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics

About Me

My backgrounds are mainly in fuctional analysis and mathematical physics however, my publishing interests span all areas of mathematics (both pure and applied) after joining Springer. Before joining Springer ,I was a LaTeX typesetter as a part-time woker, therefore, I am very interested in improving our LaTeX template. Also after joining Springer, I was a member of production department for several years. That is why I am also interested in cheking book proofs and hearing suggestions from colleagues to be improved. I would think that these points that I mentioned are invisible, however, I would like to cherish them.

Book Series

SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics

SpringerBriefs in the Mathematics of Materials

SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics

Mathematical Physics Studies

SpringerBriefs in the Mathematics of Materials Monographs in Mathematical Economics