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Dr. Shin'ichi Koizumi

Shin'ichi Koizumi

Senior Editor Chemistry & Materials Science

Shiroyama Trust Tower 5F, 

4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, 

Tokyo 105-6005 Japan

+81 3 4533 8260
About Me:

Shin’ichi Koizumi, Senior Editor, is based in Tokyo and obtained his PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Tokyo in 2005. After working as a company researcher, a science writer for a TV production office and as a university lecturer, he joined Springer in 2011. He previously handled both book and journal programs until 2019 when he became a member of the global chemistry book team. Since then he has been managing a growing portfolio of books covering topics across chemistry and materials science.

Book Series:

NIMS Monographs

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