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Wayne Wheeler

Wayne Wheeler

Senior Editor Computer Science - Proposals for textbooks, monographs and professional books in these subdisciplines: Theoretical Computer Science, Information Security and Cryptography, Simulation and Modelling, and History and Philosophy of Computing
Springer London

4 Crinan Street

London N1 9XW, UK

+44 (0) 2031 922778

My primary charge is to locate and engage first-rate authors and editors to develop monographs, textbooks and supplementary texts, and professional references for researchers, advanced students (also undergraduates), and professionals in the areas of:

·         Theoretical Computer Science (all topics)

·         Information Security and Cryptography (computational and mathematical aspects)

·         Modelling & Simulation

·         History of Computing, Philosophy of Computing, general Computer Science topics

I bring to prospective authors and editors nearly 25 years of editorial experience in publishing science and technology, with more specific coverage at the nexus of computing, information science, and engineering. I attend numerous conferences annually in the above areas and can arrange appointments to answer queries. I have worked in Springer's Boston (U.S.) and U.K. offices and have strong familiarity with North American and European markets. Plus, I worked for some years developing our CS Books strategy and development in India.

If you have project proposals to discuss or questions about working with Springer to develop quality computing-related books, I would be very pleased to hear from you. (I have provided a proposal-guidelines link).

Easy Guidelines for Your Project Proposals (doc, 34 kB)

Book Series managed:
  • Information Security and Cryptography
  • Texts in Computer Science [longstanding, dedicated textbook series-: all levels]
  • Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science [concise and modular, dedicated textbook series:- undergraduate]
  • Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications
  • History of Computing
  • SpringerBriefs in the History of Computing
  • History of Information Security