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Earth Sciences

Springer's portfolio in the field of earth sciences reflects the diversity of this interdisciplinary field of study. The spectrum ranges from geology and geophysics, mineralogy and oceanography to earth system science. You will also find current publications and specialist articles on with the causes and consequences of natural disasters. Explore our pages and order proven teaching materials and high-quality research literature, such as the Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series and Surveys in Geophysics.



Earth System Sciences

Earth system science is an interdisciplinary science that investigates how the sum of physical, chemical, biological and social components and their processes and interactions influence the state and changes of planet Earth. We offer students of Earth System Sciences authoritative textbooks and reference works. In addition, our online shop provides researchers and scientists with extensive specialist literature on the subject. Among our long-running series are titles such as Springer Earth System Sciences, but we also carry high-quality journals such as Modeling Earth Systems and Environment.

Engineering Geology

Is it possible to make optimal and sustainable use of the earth's raw materials and what technical methods are available? Answers to these key questions are provided in our books and journals on engineering geology. Noteworthy publications are the Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology and the Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment. All our publications contribute to the knowledge needed to create a planet that is resilient to the risks of landslides, erosion, flooding and the like. Our product range is practice-oriented and highly suitable for studying and practicing engineers.


These Springer books, book series, and journals introduce you to the world of geochemistry. Geochemistry is a natural science discipline that combines geosciences and chemistry. This discipline focuses on the material structure, distribution, stability and circulation of chemical elements and their isotopes in minerals, rocks, soil, water, earth's atmosphere, and biosphere. Our well-known titles in geochemistry include the Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, the book series Springer Geochemistry and the leading journal Biogeochemistry. Discover current publications by internationally renowned authors and many hands-on textbooks for students of geosciences.


Whether didactic textbooks, outstanding research articles or concise introductory literature: the Springer range of geology publications has a lot to offer students, scientists, and anyone interested. Our publications study how geological, geophysical, mineralogical, chemical and astronomical processes affect the Earth system or how rocks can be clearly determined. Numerous books and journals explore the active intervention of humans in geological processes through the use of soils, groundwater and other mineral resources. Well-known publications include Regional Geology Reviews, the GeoGuide book series, and the journals Mineralium Deposita and Natural Resources Research.

Geophysics & Geodesy

Geophysics is a sub-discipline of geosciences and physics that investigates the physical properties and processes of the crust and interior of the earth. Our (e)books and journals in this area present the essential methods of geophysics such as seismology, gravimetry, geodesy, and geomagnetism. Authoritative publications provide students with a solid understanding and inform researchers with the latest developments and discoveries in the field. Our renowned titles include the Journal of Geodesy, Surveys in Geophysics and the Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics.


Hydrogeology, the science of underground water, is becoming increasingly important in terms of quantitative and qualitative groundwater protection. Our publications not only describe the chemical and physical properties of water, but also highlight the importance of water in everyday life and the political and social challenges associated with it. For prospective geoscientists we recommend, for example, the Hydrogeology Journal, the book series Cave and Karst Systems of the World and the Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs, all of which are publications that facilitate entry into hydrogeological projects.


Springer books, textbooks, and journals on mineralogy explore the properties and formation of natural minerals. Students of geosciences and geography will find standard works on the description, analysis and interpretation of minerals and rocks. These include the leading journal Mineralium Deposita, the book series Mineral Resource Reviews and the handbooks on Uranium Deposits of the World. Our textbooks do not overburden beginners with theoretical detailed knowledge but convey understandable and practical basic knowledge about the topic. Our product range is aimed at professionals, civil engineers, technicians, and geoscientists as well as interested laymen.

Natural Hazards

Our specialist publications investigate the tectonic, meteorological and gravitational causes of natural hazards and present preventive solution models. International authors and scientists also analyse the influence of man on the development of natural hazards. Our publications include the journal Landslides, the book series Disaster Risk Reduction and the Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering.


Explore our range of oceanography books, which includes physical oceanography as a sub-discipline of geosciences. We offer scientific books for researchers, students and lecturers on ocean dynamics as well as manuals for practitioners working in coastal management, water management or coastal protection. Our international publishing program is characterized by well-founded scientific research results and topicality. Notable titles from the field of oceanography are the Ocean Science Journal, the Coastal Research Library and the Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy, which is available as an open access publication.


Paleontology investigates living creatures and living worlds of past geological eras using fossils, which are the remains of living creatures found in sedimentary rocks. The topics of our books and journals range from the determination of the age of rock layers, evolutionary and biodiversity research, the biology of extinct groups of organisms to climate research and the reconstruction of habitats and deposits. Recommended titles are the Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology book series, the Journal of Paleolimnology, and the Paleontology Journal. With us, everyone will find suitable professional literature, regardless of whether they are students of geosciences, practitioners, scientists or fossil collectors.

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