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Springer offers the world's largest publishing program in the field of energy. Our publications cover the subject from a technical, economic and ecological point of view. Our portfolio ranges from books on the technical and economic know-how of the energy industry for daily professional and academic use, to scientific studies on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, specialist articles on renewable energy sources and journals with current articles on energy policy. Well-known titles in this area include the series Lecture Notes in Energy, the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy and the Handbook of Energy Systems in Green Buildings.


Energy Efficiency

Our books and journals on energy efficiency focus on the international energy sector. In addition to energy efficiency, they place particular emphasis on questions of security of energy supply and pricing. The authors - experienced researchers and experts from the energy sector - analyse the current situation in the energy industry and point out possible trends. Particularly noteworthy publications include the journal Energy Efficiency, the Handbook of Energy Systems in Green Buildings, but also textbooks and proceedings.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas, hard coal, lignite and peat are still the most commonly used energy sources today. Due to the considerable CO2 emissions, fossil energy sources contribute to global climate change. Against the background of the global transformation of energy systems, our publications include current analyses, case studies and critical reviews in all areas of scientific and technical research on non-renewable energies. These include the journal Natural Resources Research, Campbell's Atlas of Oil and Gas Depletion and the Handbook of Petroleum Processing.

Nuclear Energy

What is nuclear energy? How do nuclear power stations work? And which risks are involved? Our books provide the fundamentals for understanding nuclear energy and power plant technology. They are suitable as textbooks for students and serve as reference works for professional practice. In addition to imparting physical and technical construction knowledge, the topics of safety, risks, and disposal are also critically considered and controversially discussed in many publications. Noteworthy publications include the Handbook of Nuclear Engineering, the Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia and the textbook Nuclear Fusion.

Policy, Economics, Management & Transport

Converting the energy supply of electricity, heat, and mobility to renewable energies poses major challenges for both the economy and the political sector. Our books and scientific publications address these challenges and deal with energy and climate policy on a national, European and international level. Electromobility as an environmentally and climate-friendly transport option is one of the current topics discussed in our publications, including the Energy Economics textbooks and the Encyclopedia on Transportation Technologies for Sustainability.

Renewable & Green Energy

As a result of global climate change, renewable energy is becoming the focus of public debate. Stay up to date and get a comprehensive overview of the range of renewable energy sources with our publications. Well-known titles include the encyclopedias on Renewable Energy Systems and Solar Energy and the book series Green Energy and Technology. Furthermore, our internationally renowned authors present and analyse sustainable energy systems such as photovoltaics, solar energy, wind and hydro power and their potential for the future.

Systems, Storage & Harvesting

With the growing share of renewable energies in the energy supply, energy storage for electricity and heat is becoming increasingly important. Renewable energy storage systems are an important building block for a sustainable energy system and thus for the success of the energy revolution. Our books and professional papers give an overview of the latest developments from research and practice. The central question here is in which form of energy and with which technology electricity and heat can be efficiently generated and stored in the future. Well-known publications include the book series Energy Systems and the Renewable Energy Systems encyclopedia.

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