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Environmental Sciences

Being an interdisciplinary field of study and research, environmental sciences explore the question of what influence humans exert on the environment and how the resulting problems can be solved. Springer's prestigious publishing program provides specialist knowledge for research, study, policy, and science. We offer a broad spectrum of journals, textbooks, reference works, and specialist books.
Authors have the option to publish their articles open-access across our entire portfolio of quality peer-reviewed journals and are encouraged to do so. Titles include the journals Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Climatic Change, and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.


Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology

The Springer books and journals on environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology and ecological chemistry provide reliable information for the professional practice of environmental and natural scientists, food chemists, experts from the nutrition sciences, food technology, microbiology, pharmacy as well as human and veterinary medicine. In addition to first-class specialist books, our range also includes numerous textbooks. Our publications include the journal Ecotoxicology and The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry.

Environmental Law & Economics

Well-known authors convey their expertise on environmental economics, european and international environmental law, environmental policy and environmental justice in our reference books and journals. The textbooks provide a practical introduction to fundamental knowledge of environmental economics and law and explain the contents in an understandable and competent manner. Springer books make an important contribution to continuing education in the fields of law, the environment and nature with their particularly appealing didactic presentation of the extensive subject matter, the explanation of the respective technical terms, the presentation of appealing diagrams and cross-references to the respective technical terms. Our publications include the journal Environmental and Resource Economics and the book series Environment & Policy.

Environmental Engineering & Physics

Our books on environmental technology & environmental physics provide a complete overview of the fundamentals, methods and regulations of technical environmental protection, including ethical, social, legal and economic contexts. All Springer textbooks convince with practice-oriented examples and are therefore particularly suitable for universities and technical colleges. Our publications include Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology and the book series Environmental Science and Engineering.

Environmental Health

The range in this field includes books and journals on environmental health, radiation effects and radiation protection. Our renowned textbooks and journals comprehensively describe the many factors that affect environmental health and hygiene. The limits of analytics and proposed solutions for improved environmental health are pointed out. In addition, we keep reference books that provide factual information on current radiation and radiation protection problems - based on the latest scientific research. Our publications include the journal Exposure and Health and the book series Current Topics in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine.

Environmental Management

Global Change

In our online shop, we offer you comprehensive research material and numerous reference works on global change. These contain the latest scientific findings on the causes of global warming and their consequences for people, the environment, the economy and politics. Use the Springer books to sharpen your awareness of the great complexity of global change. We show you different disciplinary perspectives from economics, geography and law to political science and sociology. Our publications include the journal Climatic Change and the book series Advances in Global Change Research.

Marine & Freshwater Sciences

With our range on freshwater and marine research, we offer you a broad spectrum of topics on aquatic ecology with over 70 English-language books and journals: Oceans and Marine Resources in a Changing Climate, Water, Cultural Diversity, and Global Environmental Change, Environmental Microbiology of Aquatic and Waste Systems are just a few of our first-class titles that take up and focus on the latest research results in aquatic science. Among our publications are the journal Aquatic Sciences and the Handbook on Marine Environment Protection. And we look forward to discussing your proposal!

Monitoring & Environmental Analysis

Our product range is aimed at students of mainly engineering disciplines as well as practitioners who are familiarising themselves with various methods of environmental analysis. With us you will get a well-founded overview of the current state of research. Our environmental analysis books, eBooks and journals summarize the necessary methodological knowledge and present a variety of illustrative and practical application examples. In addition, we offer you further concepts and approaches to environmental analysis. Among our titles are the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and the series Environmental and Ecological Statistics.

Nature Conservation & Biodiversity

The Springer books on nature conservation and biodiversity convey both comprehensive basic knowledge and detailed expert knowledge. Our portfolio is aimed at students studying environmental science as well as at physicists, chemists and biologists who wish to address and deepen environment-related topics. The range of services includes a wide variety of textbooks, which explain the connection between nature, nature conservation and biodiversity. Our well-known titles include the journal Biodiversity and Conservation and the related book series Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation.

Pollution & Remediation

Our range includes extensive reference works by renowned authors on the causes of global environmental pollution and on the most effective methods of protecting nature and the environment. Students and teachers of environmental and engineering engineering courses will find numerous papers on the theory and practice of integrated climate protection management. Springer books provide information on the causes of air and water pollution and noise emissions. Our comprehensive encyclopedias provide experts in waste management companies and environmental authorities with concrete instructions and descriptive working materials on the topics of resource conservation, the elimination of pollutants and energy conservation. They are a valuable aid in mastering the challenges of global climate protection. Our titles include the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research and the Handbook of Global Environmental Pollution.

Soil Science

Springer books and magazines on soil science and soil protection describe and illustrate soil-forming factors in all ecozones worldwide. Our excellent reference works deal with acute pollution situations and show comprehensive approaches to dealing with contaminated soils. Our portfolio is rounded off by a variety of field reports and case studies from the professional experience of soil ecologists. Our titles include the Journal of Soils and Sediments, Plant and Soil, the Encyclopedia of Soil Science, and the World Soils Book Series.

Sustainable Development

Discover our wide range of books, journals and extensive book series on the subject of sustainable development. Our portfolio is aimed at practitioners in companies and consulting firms on the one hand, and researchers, lecturers and students at colleges and universities on the other. Current case studies and practical project examples show how energy and materials can be saved in manufacturing companies and how sustainability can be permanently implemented. Springer's technical literature also promotes the exchange of experience and information between researchers and scientists from universities, research centers, companies, and other institutions. With our books and journals, we offer you an insight into the theory and practice of sustainability research, with the focus on interdisciplinary and cross-departmental research. Our titles include the journal Sustainability Science, the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology and the World Sustainability Series.

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