Get to know Springer's interdisciplinary publishing program in the field of water.
We carry books, journals and book series on topics such as hydrology & water management, water industry & water technology and water quality & water pollution. Our publications of international top authors highlight various aspects of water sciences and contain current research results. They include the journal Water Resources Management and the Water Science and Technology Library.


Hydrology and Water Resources

Springer provides engineers, students and researchers with up-to-date publications on hydrology and water management for theory and practice. While our professional literature examines water quality and water protection, research also focuses on measurement methods for the most important parameters of the water cycle as well as the fundamentals of stochastic and deterministic hydrology. Numerous practical examples illustrate the statistical evaluation and interpretation of hydrological data. Discover our publications such as the journal Water Resources Management and the book series Springer Hydrogeology.

Water Industry and Technologies

Publications focused on drinking water, water supply ...

Water Policy, Governance, and Management

Publications focussed on the planning, development, distribution and management of the optimum use of water from political, governmental, developmental and ethical aspects.

Water Quality, Pollution and Health

The books and journals in this field focus on global water pollution by pesticides, industrial production or the discharge of untreated wastewater into rivers and seas. Numerous researchers and scientists engage with this problem and provide solutions for an international and sustainable use of clean drinking water. Our range also includes journals with current articles on international water quality or the consequences of water pollution for people and the environment. Among our publications are the journal Water, Air, & Soil Pollution and the book series Springer Water.