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Job Applicants

Explore career opportunities at Springer and enter the world of publishing.



All vacancy and recruitment updates for Springer Nature.


Ausbildung & Studium im Springer-Verlag

Ausbildung und duales Studium beim Springer-Verlag in Heidelberg. Hier bist du richtig!

Cross-cultural Internship Program

Our cross-cultural internship program at Crest Premedia Solutions in Pune, India, gives university graduates a fascinating insight into India’s business and culture.


Springer Science+BusinessMedia

Springer Science+Business Media is a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services. Springer is also a trusted local-language publisher in Europe – especially in Germany and the Netherlands – primarily for physicians and professionals working in healthcare and road safety education.

Springer Network

The Springer Network is an online community that brings together people who have a common interest in Springer and/or the publishing industry.
If you currently work, have worked or are interested in working for Springer, or if you’re interested in STM and professional publishing in general, this group is for you.


Springer Science+Business Media

Kompetenz, Professionalität und Kreativität sind der Motor für unseren Erfolg. Wir suchen, fördern und entwickeln Persönlichkeiten, die sich mit kreativen Inhalten, professionellen Konzepten und erstklassigem Service jeden Tag aufs Neue den Herausforderungen der Medienwelt stellen. Gestalten Sie mit uns die Zukunft!